Fab7We provide in-house fabrication and our strongest point lies in integrating rebar into your construction’s crucial path promptly thereby eliminating expensive delays. Our management oversees the progress of your project from scratch to finish. During our many years of experience as a rebar company, our in-house detailers have gained experienced in every sense of the word, offering years of valuable know-how and experience in our service.

We pride ourselves in our honed skill-set, reliability, and absolute professionalism. Our domestic detailers are highly trained to execute any kind of rebar work in almost all environments. If you are looking for a rebar construction company, look no further than us. With us satisfaction is guaranteed.

With our own in-house team of highly qualified and professional detailers, Dimension Fabricators can provide our customers with the technical knowledge and project management from the start of your project to the end. Our detailers use Soule / AutoCAD / RebarCAD systems that produce the most detailed and user friendly placement drawings known to the placement industry.



We have provided fabricated rebar to customers New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Rebar360 has become known for its speed and quality fabrication. Rebar fabricators, will often dictate to the customer when their orders will be ready. What separates us from our competition is that Rebar360 dedication to getting your job done when you need it done. What we’ve done in the rebar fabrication arena—turning orders around in a timely fashion, we are now doing in the pre-assembled rebar market.
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A rebar cage pre-assembled by Rebar360 has allowed our customers to save time and accelerate their concrete pour schedules, getting them paid sooner and the job done faster. We have handpicked pre-assembly teams that are provided the proper tools and training to ensure your cages are done on time. Rebar360 reinforcement cages are built using 15g tie wire, bracing bars for added stability, and in some cases inner “crush” cages. All of this combines to produce a rebar cage that will not fall apart in transport or on the job during unloading or setting.
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We utilize the latest computer aided software to develop accurate and comprehensive placing plans. Our detailers pride themselves in accuracy and adherence to project schedules. Once plans are approved the cutting and bending details are directly transmitted electronically to our production computers and then out to our equipment. This stream line process eliminates any additional data entry points and is the most efficient way of processing your order.
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